Our Story

R&B The Change

R&B The Change was established in 2022 to fulfill the dream of the Founders to combat pollution, deforestation, waste, and other environmental threats for the protection and preservation of this planet and all of the creatures who call it home.

Our mission is to provide people with the resources and products to make more mindful and environmentally-conscious decisions in their everyday lives.
We believe that every action no matter how small is worthwhile to achieve a better, greener tomorrow.

Will you "Be The Change" with us?

Co-Founder Raul Lemus Garza

Raúl Lemus Garza

Co-FOunder | President

Raúl was born and raised in Jutiapa, Guatemala.

Driven by a deep-rooted desire to understand Mother Nature, he earned his Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Engineering at Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.
Raúl proudly participated in a reforestation initiative which resulted in the planting of thousands of trees in rural Guatemala.
In 2019, he courageously made the decision to embark on a new adventure and move to a new place (New York).

Throughout his life, Raúl has been surrounded by plants and animals fostering a love and appreciation for all living things.

Co-Founder Bridget Lemus Dineen

Bridget Lemus Dineen

Co-Founder | President

Bridget was born and raised in Rockland County, New York (USA). 

Motivated by an inherent desire for justice for all, she earned a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and Minor in Women and Gender Studies.
Although she does not hold a formal degree in the Environmental field, Bridget believes that justice for the environment is equally important.

Bridget is an animal-lover and has always felt a deep connection to and compassion for all living things.

Raúl & Bridget

Following the fateful decision of Raúl to move to New York, Bridget and Raúl fell in love in 2020.

Thus, the dream of R&B The Change was born!

Although they come from different countries speaking different languages, Raúl and Bridget believe they were destined to meet and have remained united through their shared desire to make this world a better place and “Be the Change”.