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Bamboo Switch

Collapsible Bamboo Travel Toothbrush - Adult, Eco-Friendly Product

Collapsible Bamboo Travel Toothbrush - Adult, Eco-Friendly Product

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- Dimensions: (Open) 7" H x 0.75" DIA (Closed) 5" H x 0.75" DIA. 

- Weight: 1 oz.

- This Collapsible Bamboo Travel Toothbrush is collapsible for easy travel and on-the-go teeth cleaning!

-Dual-purpose handle also serves a cap for the toothbrush when it is not in use.

- Longevity: Most dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months.

- Bamboo handle is completely compostable (however, the bristles are not and require removal prior to compost).

- Bristles made of nylon in accordance with what most dentists recommend for optimal cleaning.

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